Made from GOTS certified organic cotton and digitally printed with non-toxic ink, our product only travels 18.2 miles during production, right here in the USA. Each print is designed in-house in a way to minimize fabric waste during the cutting process and so that no two shirts will be identical, but will look ALIKE. We produce in a factory where the workers are paid a fair wage and has a reputation for keeping long-term employees.

We take special care so that each item never uses throw-away plastic and is delivered directly to you with 0% plastic packaging.  Traditionally, each garment is bagged separately once off the production line in it's own clear plastic polybag.  That bag is then usually thrown away by a retailer then re-bagged at purchase or shipped to a consumer in a second plastic shipping bag, both to be thrown away.


At ALIKE, we wanted to do things completely different.  

We line each large shipping box with 1 biodegradable bag containing roughly 100 items.  We ship to you in a biodegradable/compostable shipping bag with the clothing wrapped in noissue tissue paper.  Learn more about our noissue packaging below.  


Let's all work to go plastic free!


The Faces Behind ALIKE

Melissa Serpico Kamhout was a luxury womenswear designer for 10+ years. ...And then she had fraternal twins, Paloma & Valentino. We all know children harness natural creativity and inhibition, but the more they grew from toddlers to kids, the more they voiced that they were introduced to gender rules.  For the first time Melissa started to hear from her son, “Clothes for boys are boring" and from her daughter, "I won't wear that, it's for boys and he can't wear my clothes.”  Melissa also started to notice the vast disparity in price for different gender items now commonly called the “pink tax.”

So vowing to never let them be ashamed of their choices, she decided to be a role model for her children and give them what was much needed in the kid's clothing industry, colorful clothing for all kids that is eco-conscious.

As if by fate, Melissa met Kaitlin Meyer, who works in the finance industry with an MBA from the University of Chicago, focusing on entrepreneurship. Since she was a young girl, Kaitlin, alongside her dad, has been trying to make a difference in the world often referencing 'the starfish story' - while we may not be able to change everyone’s life, let’s make a difference one person at a time. 


And so Kaitlin wanted to be part of that change in the fashion world - ensuring sustainability and providing our children with a world that allows them to just be. Whatever that means to them. Let’s all do our part to help one ‘starfish’ at a time- reminding the world that




Inspired by Pop-Art, 70’s Glamrock, all the colors in the crayon box & in nature, we create original prints and styles that are on trend and appealing to kids and parents ALIKE.  


Made in the USA,  Organic Cotton, Low Carbon Footprint operations, Multi-Faceted Sustainability. Made to be kept in the family or shared

amongst friends.








For each item that you purchase, a percentage is donated to Blessings in a Backpack, a non-profit organization providing food for school-aged children over the weekend.

Blessings in a Backpack mobilizes communities, individuals, and resources to provide food on the weekends for elementary school children across America who might otherwise go hungry, sending it home in a backpack with a handwritten note.  

$130 will feed one child on the weekends for one 38-week school year through the Blessings in a Backpack program. The Results: Nourished Kids Ready to Learn.

Find out more information here.  




For every packaging order we make, noissue will plant trees in areas of need.  

4,218 trees planted worldwide so far.

ALIKE has joined the Eco-Packaging Alliance through noissue eco-friendly packaging. Our compostable mailing bags are Forest Stewardship Council approved and our ALIKE acid-free tissue paper for packaging are printed with soy-based inks.   

Find out more cool info about noissue here.