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Product Questions


Why Organic Cotton?

A few fun facts: In the US, 93% of all cotton currently grown is GMO cotton. Conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world’s insecticides and 7% of pesticides, making it one of the most polluting crops in the world.  


With organic cotton, no toxic chemicals are used, it doesn’t damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy.


Because organic cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, it means there’s no chemical residue in the fabric. It's extremely important to protect children from absorbing these chemicals in their skin and to not pollute the environment where the cotton is farmed. Additionally, we do not spray our garments with any silicones or fire-retardants, making everything formaldehyde free.


For more great information on the benefits of organic cotton please visit

Can you tell me more about your GOTS certified organic materials?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

GOTS is the highest level of certification available for organic fabrics. In order to receive certification, products are evaluated throughout the manufacturing process.  And as part of the GOTS certification process, the factories that produce our products are required to provide safe working conditions and fair living wages for all of their employees. For more information on GOTS please visit:

Why is digital printing more environmentally friendly than dying?

We do not dye our clothing and only use non-toxic digital printing, not only to conserve water but also not to potentially release toxic chemicals into the environment. The dyeing process involves a lot of water, and not all factories have effective ways of cleaning the water before it re-enters our environment. Wastewater from textile dyeing is a huge pollutant around the world. Some dyes don't ever degrade in water. Others that do degrade produce harmful substances as they decompose. Additives used during the dyeing process include harmful substances such as alkalis and acid. Wastewater from textile dyeing also affects plant life in the water, because many dyes have substances that decrease photosynthesis, the process by which plants get nutrients. We want to ensure our kids are wearing sustainable garments that don’t harm their bodies!

Sizing & Care Instructions


How do I determine the correct size?

Please see our size chart here.   

How do I care for my ALIKE pieces?

All items can be machine washed on cold and tumbled dry on low or hang dry. Warm iron if necessary.

Our tees only shrink 1.2% when cared for as recommended.


Shipping & Returns


What is the shipping process?

All orders will ship from Chicago, IL. We offer free shipping over $150, to the contiguous U.S. 
Orders usually ship within 48 hours and we will provide you an email confirmation with tracking. 



Can I modify/edit/cancel my order or address?

Yes. If you need to change any part of an order, please contact us right away at so we can make the modification before shipment.  After the shipment is in transit we cannot alter the order.


How long does shipping take?

For those that choose standard shipping we ship via USPS, which will arrive between 5-7 business days.

2-Day shipping will arrive via UPS or Fedex.

Do you ship internationally?

Please contact us and we will let you know if we can ship to your area. 


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX & PayPal. 

Where can I track my order?

You will receive your tracking number via email shortly after your order processes. 

What is your return and exchange policy?

It is our mission to make garments that are unique and wonderful for kids. If there’s something about our product that aren’t meeting your standards, please let us know as we truly want to hear from you so we can make it better. 


We offer refunds on any unused and unwashed garments within 30 days of when your ordered was shipped – please return within the original packaging (no need to add anything else to the environment). At this time, we do not accept exchanges. You can return your item and place a new order. 

How do I make a return?

Email with your order number to receive your return authorization. 

Mail your package to:


1034 W Armitage, Unit A

Chicago, IL 60614


For your protection, we recommend you return all items via a traceable carrier such as USPS, UPS or FedEx. ALIKE is not responsible for packages not received if a tracking number is not provided. Returns must be returned prepaid.

Once we receive the original item(s), you will receive a credit in the amount you paid (this excludes any shipping costs). Please allow 2-3 weeks for ALIKE to refund your credit card upon receipt. 



What type of shipping materials do you use?

Our tear resistant shipping bags are made out of 100% corn-based polymers. This means that they will easily compost on a home or industrial compost heap. This creates a circular economy where sustainable packaging materials can be disposed of responsibly by the recipient, without any harm being done to the environment. Because our bags are not petroleum based, they do not release harmful chemicals in the breakdown process. 

While just about every packaging material is technically biodegradable, not everything is compostable. The term ‘biodegradable’ sets no limits on how long the process takes, or the environmental impact it has. Even a regular plastic poly mailer is biodegradable - but the process can take hundreds of years! So let's stick to the compostable packaging and work together to complete the process.  The last step is up to you!


How do I compost my shipping bag?
1) Remove any adhesives from the mailer
2) Compost it! 
If you have a home compost, you can stick it straight on the heap and let it do its thing...if you don’t, please search for a compost pick-up service or community compost heap in your area. 

For more details visit the blog and view the video from the awesome packaging company:

If you have still have questions or concerns please email us.  We will answer as fast as possible, usually within 24 hours but no later than 2 business days.