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Becoming Plastic-Free: One Product at a Time.

For us at ALIKE, it is the utmost importance to not only live a more sustainable lifestyle ourselves, but also inspire others to do so. We have recently come across 2 companies that help eliminate plastic waste for 2 daily activities, and then some!

Have you ever thought of what happens to all of your plastic toothpaste tubes and how you can avoid them altogether? Did you know that....One billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year with chemical residues on them?!

The toothpaste company Bite came up with what we think is a genius solution! Bite prides itself on being "the only all-natural, plastic-free way to replace the paste you've used your whole life." Bite presses toothpaste into small tables that are free from harsh chemicals and packages them in glass jars, completely eliminating the tube. These jars are shipped in recycled paper packaging using shipping routes that are already in existence, aka USPS (subtle plug: we do this with our shipping too!)

We have tried them here at ALIKE and absolutely love them! The taste is mild enough that kids like them too and it's even fun to chew them to get the suds going (well, we think so!). Bravo Bite!!

Check them out at bitetoothpastebits.com.

Our second product that we love is Ecozoi's plant based dish scrubbers and brushes. Why do we love these?! The brushes are made from sisal and coconut fibers and bamboo that are naturally grown and they are really strong and functional. The set of four brushes and scrubbers will cover all of your dish cleaning, pot scrubbing needs, vegetable cleaning needs....AND they really work!

Ecozoi was founded with the mission "to redefine a lifestyle with eco-safe products, creating sustainable happiness and making people's lives better-one plastic-free product at a time. We plant trees per purchase." (This is why we use compostable bags from noissue- they plant a tree for each purchase too!)

Their product line includes other well-made plastic-free everyday items such as bamboo straws, utensils and disposable plates, stainless steel bento boxes, ice cube trays and popsicle makers, and many more. Find them at ecozoi.com

We’ll continue to share other brands we come across but always tell us about a sustainable brand you love!

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