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Who is ALIKE?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

ALIKE is founded on 5 pillars that the brand will not shy away from:

· Unisex: Being gender-neutral not only extends the life of the garment, but also allows children to pick the colors that they love and not pressed upon them by society. Let’s let them choose – we are all unique in our way. #colorsareforeveryone

· Sustainable: Our t-shirts are made of 100% GOTS organic cotton. NO pesticides. NO insecticides. NO GMOS – hello, that is good for not only the environment, but us humans too. #sustainablefashion

· Local: We not only produce our garments right here in the USA, but we have also sourced all our fabric right in LA. We know how the workers are treated at the factories and ensured they are all paid fair wages. It may cost a little more to do so, but all worth it.#madeintheusa

Tree Planted for ALIKE!

· Eco-Conscious: Restaurants are doing away with plastic straws, but what about all the plastic packaging there is out there? We ship all our clothes with plastic-free, compostable mailers, wrapping the shirts in tissue paper that uses acid-free ink. Our kids will be growing up with what we leave them – let’s all do our part to help the enivronement. AND, each time we purhcase from noissue, they will plant a tree for ALIKE. #plasticfree

· Community: We want to do our part not only in the fashion world, but in our community as well. We have partnered with Blessings in a Backpack to ensure kids don’t go hungry on the weekend. A portion of every sale will go to this amazing organization to keep children’s growing.

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